Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I have to mention my new favorite material possession, because I use it every single day. It's the Take Me With You bag from Lululemon. I saw it in the store (it's the only thing I've ever bought from them!) and loved it, and I've been looking for a BIG tote bag with LOTS of pockets forever. I mean, I have spent many hours combing the internet for the perfect bag, and haven't found it. Until now. So the price tag initially prevented me from buying it (it's $148!!!!) but after considering how much I would use it, how durable and well-made it is, and how much more free time I would have if I could stop looking for a stupid bag, I went back and bought it. This was about a month ago, a few days after Christmas. And I LOVE it. It makes me happy every time I see it. :) I bought the black and white one, and the lining is electric blue, and I really love this bag.

I also bought a little tin of Trader Joe's dark chocolate-covered chewy caramel squares last week, and at THE WHOLE TIN in the past week. MM ate a couple, but I ate 90% of them. At least. So of course when H and I went grocery shopping this morning, I bought another tin. WTF?!? I do not run enough these days to put away a whole box of chocolate covered caramels every week.

H is being weaned from his papi (what he calls his pacifier) because at his 18 month checkup, the pediatrician gave me the side eye when she saw him sucking on it, and I don't feel like wading through years of PubMed looking for peer-reviewed articles on the effect of prolonged pacifier use on orthodontic development, so I'm playing it safe. She recommended reserving it for sleep, which I thought would be nigh impossible - he LOVES this thing, and when he couldn't find one, he used to walk around the apartment, crying softly and plaintively calling, "Papi! Paaaapiiii!" like one of them was going to hear him and come running. But it turned out to be great!!! The morning after that visit, when he woke up we asked him to leave papi in his crib, because papis are for sleeping and he's awake now, so he doesn't need it! But papi will still be there waiting for him at nap time. He looked at us for a minute or two, considering, and then dropped it in the crib and never looked back. Now it's an awesome incentive to take a nap, because we can hold out the promise of papi, which he is always thrilled to see. AND, his speech has totally taken off now that his mouth isn't full all the time. He talks SO MUCH!!! He's starting to say 2-word sentences, and his vocabulary of spoken words includes at least 50-100 words. His vocabulary of understood words (things he can point to if we ask, but doesn't pronounce yet) is at least another 100 words. I love listening to him talk!

It snowed the other night, and it was a BEAUTIFUL fluffy snow with perfect individual snowflakes. It's really weird - my entire childhood, I looked for snowflakes every time it snowed, and never saw any. I feel like it was always, invariably, the kind of snow that's just tiny little particles. NOW, I see them in at least two snowfalls a year. I don't know if the snow has changed, or if I just never saw them for some reason when I was a kid, but I LOVE snowflakes! H loves snow, and points it out every time we go outside. We took him sledding the last time it snowed (on a cookie sheet, cause we're ghetto like that . . . . . . . apparently that's how I afford $150 bags, by depriving my only child of a proper sled) and he seemed to like the IDEA of sledding, and loved it when MM or I would go down the hill, but when we put him on the sled (er, cookie sheet) he would get this very tense look on his face and then just lay there stunned at the bottom of the hill until we retrieved him (it was a tiny hill - it's actually just the slope up to one of the other apartment buildings in our complex, and it's a slow 3-second ride to the bottom), so I'm not sure how much he actually likes sledding. Maybe if he had a real sled . . . . . . .

I am feeling completely betrayed by the book I'm reading. I usually listen to NPR in the car, and they were interviewing Ayana Mathis the other day, whose debut novel is called The Twelve Tribes of Hattie. It's about a woman who moves from Georgia to Philadelphia during the Great Migration in the 1920s, and Mathis read the first 4 paragraphs during the interview -- it was so beautiful, so happy, this young woman in her first house in the beautiful early summer, with her sweet newborn twin babies, and the whole neighborhood suffused with the scent of strawberry cakes that everyone left out to cool on their windowsills. She's a wonderful storyteller, and I could picture the whole scene, and it was so lovely, and happy, I ordered the book as soon as I got home that night. WELL, **SPOILER ALERT** those sweet little twin babies, who in that excerpt were napping on the porch with their mother, listening to the chirping birds in the trees overhead, DIE OF PNEUMONIA before the end of the first chapter. I stayed up way past my bedtime last night, trying to reach a point in the book where I felt like it wasn't going to all be tragedy, and I got too tired to keep reading before I ever got there. Mathis is a brilliant writer - I was completely invested in the characters before I'd finished the first PAGE!!! But the book is tragic, and I hate that. I feel like the excerpt they featured on NPR was completely misleading, and I'm upset about that!

We've discovered a new TV show (new to us, I mean). It's a BBC production called Sherlock, and it's a modern retelling of the Sherlock Holmes story. It's freaking brilliant, and the guy who plays Holmes is absolutely perfect. Each season only has 3 90-minute episodes, which is unfortunate. But the first 2 seasons are on Netflix, and we're really enjoying them.


Squeaksmom said...

My new bag is this one:
I'm hoping it will make a fab Dr's bag if I get into vet school for next year.....

onlyonewoof said...

Try Elementary. Seriously. Rather different, but just as good (actually, better in the sense that even if you did have every SH story down by heart by the age of 9, you still won't know serious downfall of Sherlock. That and the fact that there are no new eppies for another year!).

Life in vet school said...

SM - I like the EB bag! Before I found this Lululemon tote, I was using a Keen messenger bag that looks a lot like the one you linked to.

OOW - I will try that!!! We're in the middle of the second season of Sherlock, and we'll probably finish the series within the next month. I'll try Elementary next!